Week 23/2016 in Review


Since I had a really stressful week at work and am already a little bit behind on my week-in-review posts, I will keep this one relatively short.

After taking a rest day on Monday, Tina and I trained in the double on Tuesday. We first did three 800m intervals, followed by four rounds of core exercises: hollow rocks, Russian twists and supermen. 

After taking another rest day on Wednesday, I went running on Thursday. I was supposed to do intervals on the erg, but I got home from work quite late and didn’t want to drive to the club. Therefore, I just did four 300m intervals “on foot.” Because I was really tired, it was quite exhausting finishing all intervals, but I was really glad I fought my way through. 

On Friday, I enjoyed a very nice 60-minute steady-state workout in the single. 

On Saturday, I went on a short 45-minute steady-state bike ride with Herbert, which was nice and relaxing. 

On Sunday, I competed in the Ellida Sprint Regatta, which I’ve already dedicated a separate post to. 

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